IRS Relocation Master Plan

Access Network Solutions, under contract to Michael Baker Engineers, developed an Automation Relocation Master Plan for the Internal Revenue Service in Kansas City, Missouri. As part of the design and construction of a new campus in downtown Kansas City and consolidation of multiple processing facilities and field offices, the IRS required a detailed plan to coordinate the relocation of the existing computer systems to the new campus.

Our engineers worked with IRS network engineers reviewing the existing network architecture and plans for the new facility initially helping to determine interim circuit and connectivity requirements between the new campus and old facilities. Then working with the construction team and relocation specialists, our engineers helped determine critical constraints that would dictate specific requirements for the relocation of the various mainframe or other computing systems.

After interviewing department heads and analyzing the various workflows, we developed a phased relocation schedule, which defined the priority and order of systems to be relocated to the new data center at the new campus. Our final deliverable was a comprehensive Relocation Master Plan which provided the overall approach that needed to be taken to ensure a smooth and seamless migration to the new campus with very minimal downtime in tax processing  services.