IoT/SCADA/ICS Assessments

Internet of Things (IoT), SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)/ICS (Industrial Control Systems), SmartHomes – everything is connected to the Internet. But is it secure? Odds are it isn’t.

Poorly secured routers and other devices, such as network IP cameras can be used to  gain access to your network or other systems. Recently the Mirai botnet, which infected unsecured IoT devices, forming a zombie army of devices and launched a DDoS attack against a security website and DYN, which provides DNS services to large portion of the Internet.

Besides securing any devices or SCADA and control systems that have access to the Internet, what should you do?

  1. Evaluate the systems and determine if they truly need access to the Internet.
  2. Protect your network with Next Generation Firewall technology that can be configured with policies dictating the protocols, users and devices that can utilize the Internet
  3. Segment your network and limit traffic flows to and from these critical systems and limit communications to your corporate network where possible.
  4. Monitor the network traffic to and from these devices and systems and note any strange patterns

Access Network Solutions can assist you in performing assessments of your IoT, SCADA, ICS and process control systems. Identifying methods to protect and secure these systems and your corporate environment. We have performed numerous assessments for water districts and treatment facilities around the country helping them identify potential vulnerabilities.

Our engineers focus on the following assessment areas:

  • Cyber Threats, malware and viruses
  • Security Policies
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • Security Best Practices

The Internet, intranets, e-mail, and remote access systems have simplified the ways people communicate and do their jobs. However, these tools have also made it potentially easier for intruders to gain access to both your business networks, and your SCADA or control systems at your facility. We help you find these potential vulnerabilities and recommend the best ways to secure them.