Strategic Planning and Proposal Development

Having a long-term Information Technology strategy plan gives organizations a roadmap for future needs, allows project and budget planning, ensuring the ability for the business to adapt and grow as the market demands.

We work closely with you and your staff to develop plans that define strategic issues and goals in order to meet your requirements. However, since today’s business environment is dynamic and evolving on a constant basis, we will ensure that all plans have the flexibility to deal with uncertainties and changes in your business and the marketplace.

Access Network Solutions’ expertise has been utilized by several companies assisting in the planning and development of proposals to the Government for several large, long-term projects. We provide intelligence and consulting in the creation of a “win strategy”, along with identifying key differentiators and technical advantages that help clients succeed in a competitive market.

Our proposal consulting services can span the entire proposal cycle, from early involvement, working with your Business Development team to developing strategies and the proposal framework, ensuring your team is ready for the formal RFP.  We can work with any BD/Capture team and proposal development process, providing actual proposal content, research and concept development, critique and review, ultimately ensuring that the proposal addresses all the RFP requirements.